Our goal

Our goal in STEMFern is to help children to love, use, and create opportunities with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, and to assist teachers and parents to upskill on future Technologies.

about us


  • To inspire lifelong learning through the creative early introduction of STEM in kids educational development
  • To assist teachers to upskill on STEM, and
  • Parents to experience STEM with their child


  • Programming/coding, mathematics, AI, robotics, electronics, 3D design and printing


  • With the toys, games and tools which are fun to play with, and our STEM stories which are fun to read



The First Book:
Thomas's Birthday

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Our Programmes

Learning STEM with Robots for Students

  • Interactive STEM learning
  • Fun Technological Activities with a help of a Robot!
  • Simple session for children

STEM Courses/Workshops for Teachers & Parents

  • Comprehensive insight on the future of learning and education
  • Introducing relevant technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and programming coding
  • Simple and interactive